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Welcome to 4bc.org.

The Burninators : Info and pictures of the flame effects generators, the small prototype Burninator I and the large scale Burninators II, X, and GRID.

Burning Man Temples : Info on the temple building group that I've been project manager for in several recent years.

EJ22 Engine : Hardware and software used to diagnose and tune this remarkable engine, and reverse engineering of some of the engine running parameters.

The Westy : A van that went to Alaska and back.

TransAmerican Bike Trip : Here's some info and resources on the bike trip I took in 2002 - riding a bicycle from Mexico to Canada, including the theory and practice of the extremely lightweight "credit card tour"ing style.

Art : As I've travelled around, I've collected some pictures of art pieces that have particularly struck me as interesting or beautiful. Some I've taken, some are scanned from museum postcards. (All are (c) their respective owners.) And here's my artist's statement. (Yeah right!)

Saab Fender : Did you back your Saab NG 900 / 9-3 into a concrete post? Oops. Forget the body shop; replace it yourself.

Shimano Rapid Fire Shifter : Crappy grease defeated the great engineering of these shifters. Here's how to rebuild them.

fx500 : Need to replace the LCD screen on your Panasonic DMC-FX500? Need to clean dust off of the CCD? I risked bricking my camera so you don't have to.

zv5000 : Did your HP Pavilion zv5000 LCD screen inverter crap out? Of course it did. Here's how I fixed one for $30.

Cordless Tool Battery : Ever wanted to re-cell your own cordless tool battery? Don't bother. That said, here's how I did it.

BT200 : Has your Bostitch BT200 crapped out? So did mine. Many many times. Here's info on how to fix them.

Timex Ironman Watch : Can't figure out how to reset your Timex Ironman watch? Check it b4 u wreck it. Here's info on how to fix them.

Rooby : A real bitch.

New Stuff:

2009-Jul A Westy
2009-May Another Burninator's coming
2006-Sep Nothing!
2005-Dec Another new look.
2005-Feb New look.
2004-Feb New enhanced Roobycam up.
2003-Jun My new website is up.
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