Check out these links to see the history of motion at rooby's bed:

Tech Details

The roobycam is currently a fairly sketchy combination of:
  • an x10 wireless camera connected to
  • the x10 VA11A USB video interface;
  • software by ConquerCam is doing the frame grabbing
The software captures one picture ( ) and 5 seconds of video (compressed to mpeg4) every time motion is detected.

  • The software is set up so that change in 15% of the vision field of the camera triggers the frame capture, so that Rooby moving around will trigger the camera. However, any noise that covers 15% or more of the frame also looks like motion. So, during noisy times, every time the camera fucks up frames are grabbed, and thus many of the saved frames are mostly interference.
  • SOMETHING is fairly unstable in the system, causing it to freeze up after only a few hours, repeating the same picture over and over...not sure if this is the s/w (why i have the eval version still), the interface (my suspicion), or what.

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