The Burninator GRID

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Image by Scott London
photo:Scott London
Artist:   Bill Codding

Crew: D'Milo Hallerberg
'Caution' Mike Connor
David Bixler
David Bowman
Craig Dickson

Thanks To: Eric Smith
Anne Bennett
Ray Kimball
Cheryl Reuter
Dave Lesh
Burning Man LLC

The Burninator GRID is a very large scale fire installation. It is a computer-controlled, 2-dimensional set of propane burning flame towers arranged in a grid, in an area of approx. 10,000 square feet. It produces 2-D patterns and sequences of flame, visible for miles. It was first constructed for the arts festival Burning Man 2009.


Fuel:   Propane
Burn Rate: 1/3 ton/hr
Flame Height: 20-30 feet
Area of installation: ~10,000 square feet
Wire used: 2+ miles
Controller Board: multiple NetIOM/UDP's
Software: Custom Java (Java J2SE 5.0)
UI Components: - Java GUI (developed on NetBeans)
- Phidgets RFID
- proximity sensors

Press (for the Burninator II):
  • Leonardo, Journal of Arts Science and Technology, MIT Press.
    print version: LEONARDO Volume 40, Issue 4 - August 2007
  • IEEE
  • VentureBeat
See the proposal submitted to Burning Man for a grant for 2009.

See the Burninator GRID's little brothers, the Burninator X, Burninator II and the Burninator Jr.

Environmental Impact:

Once again, there can be no doubt that there is a huge environmental impact from burning tons of propane for an art exhibit of this size. Again, the CO2 created will be offset by contributions to carbon offset organizations:, Terrapass and NativeEnergy.

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