The Burninator II

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Image by Steve Fritz
photo: Steve Fritz
Artist:   Bill Codding
Crew: Simon Asato
Dave Bixler
Thanks To: Anne Bennett
Logan Mello
Ray Kimball
Todd Kimball
Jamie Gray
Tom Wiltzius
Jason Mika
Mark Grieve
Dave X
Burning Man LLC
The Temple Crew

The Burninator II is a large-scale fire installation. It consists of nearly 1000 feet of computer-sequenced propane burning flame towers arranged in a line.

It was originally shown at Burning Man 2006, and since then at various fire arts festivals, including the Crucible's Fire Arts Festival in Oakland CA in July 2007, where it surrounded the stage and audience.

See some photos and video shot of the Burninator II in action. Here's the Burninator II visible from space!!!

Fuel:   Propane
Burn Rate: 1/4 ton/hr
Flame Height: 20-30 feet
Length: ~1000 feet
Wire used: 1.25 miles
Controller Board: multiple NetIOM/UDP's
Software: Custom Java (Java J2SE 5.0)
UI Components: - Java GUI (developed on NetBeans)
- Phidgets RFID
- light/phototransistors
- DDR Pad
  accidentally torched:

  • Leonardo, Journal of Arts Science and Technology, MIT Press.
    print version: LEONARDO Volume 40, Issue 4 - August 2007
  • IEEE
  • VentureBeat
See the B2's little brother, the Burninator Jr.

Here's a presentation about the Burninator II given at the 2006 Desert Arts Preview at the Crucible in Oakland, CA.

Environmental Issues:

There is no doubt that there is an environmental impact from burning 3 tons of propane for an art exhibit. An estimated 15-20,000 pounds of carbon dioxide were created during the running of the Burninator II. This CO2 was offset by contributions to carbon offset organizations: Terrapass and NativeEnergy.

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