Biking the Pageant Trail
A few people have wanted to send messages to Bill. He is able to check out the site every couple days, so I thought I'd put together a page with messages from his friends.

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You're hard to keep track of! I get an email that you're going on a cycling road trip, I go on vacation, and when I get back you're already done! So why does the reverand have a shiny head? Or are you gonna make everyone go to Crosby to find out?

Congrats on your victory and thanks for documenting your journey for your friends who have to live vicariously through you!


you're done.
motherfucking fuck.......shit...

well, i guess that says it all.

well fuckin done, my man....
now let's go do some centuries!!!

Congratulations William!

Craig, Todd..........Pay up. I told you he would make it!



your legs must be the size of tree trunks by now. how's yer ass feel?

William it was really nothing.

Trent Good

Hey Bill,

I am very interested in exactly how you are washing your clothing in the evenings. Do you have laundry detergent with you or are you using the sample size bottles of shampoo you receive at the motels? Bar soap? I honestly had a thought about this, though I really shouldn't admit it.

Oh, and the cows. You aren't crazy, not for that reason at least. Jackie, who rode her bike from NYC to New Orleans before her traveling partner was bike-jacked in New Orleans (ouch!) and her plans were cut short, said she experienced the same thing. So interesting.

You're almost there!



Please check out the following Roadside Attractions in North Dakota:

While you were gone we moved back into your/our house.

Best Regards,
Your old/new tenants

Go Bill!! Christian and I are watching that little yellow line inch northward on our screen and are rootin' for ya. It's very exciting, I check it every evening. I'm sure your experience is is at least two times as thrilling. Have an amazing time man.


Just wanted to wish you the best of luck for the remainder of your journey. Laura and I have been thinking of you and tracking your progress regularly. We were able to track your travails across New Mexico and Colorado from Cyprus and England (you are now world famous). We can't wait to hear about your adventures and marvel at your musclebound legs when you get back ! Take care and be safe.


Bill are you planning to swim over to London when you have finished?


Once you've finished this personal goal, it might be even more rewarding to help out overloaded friends by renovating their houses, fixing their cars, and taking their sig. others out on dates. Interested? Let me know...


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